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16 -Ton Electric Horizontal Vertical Wood Splitter HV-16-4
16 -Ton Electric Horizontal Vertical Wood Splitter HV-16-4
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Trying to decide which log splitter will meet your needs, is a tough decision.  You want to make sure you purchase a product that will meet your needs, but not spend too much on a machine that exceeds your requirements.  We have defined some parameters for our log splitters that will help you determine which model is best suited for your needs.  We are estimating the diameter of logs each machine will split, but this largely depends on the type of wood you are splitting, how long your wood has been laying around waiting to be split, and the knots in each log.

Small Compact Electric Units and Manual Units

Manual log splitters such as the 6-Ton and 8-Ton are great for generally less then a cord of wood unless you really want to get some exercise!  They are very portable and great for not only a bit of exercise but the environment as well.  Great tool to have on camping trips etc.

Electric units such as the 4 and 7-Ton splitters are used for the residential person that does smaller average sized wood of 1-2 cords a year.  No fumes, gas, and quiet.  You could even split wood in your basement or again camping with a small generator.    

Residential Log Splitters

Horizontal 15 & 16 Ton or Horizontal Vertical 16 Ton Gas or Electric Splitter - This unit is available in either gas or electric.  This log splitter is meant for the homeowner that typically will split less than 10 cords a year.  It can handle logs 20 inches long and about 24 inches in diameter (each log is different).   These splitters are very durable and has seen some applications that have put it to the test. These units weigh about 250 lbs for the Horizontal and about 300 lbs for the Horizontal Vertical.

Heavy Duty Residential / Commercial Log Splitters

20 & 22-Ton Horizontal and Horizontal Vertical - These units are fully tow able and have a 26" log opening.  They can split many different types of wood and can split logs up to 30" in diameter.  These units come standard with High Speed Trailer tires and a 2" coupler for towing.   We also have 8 second cycle time log splitters. 

Commercial Log Splitters

25 & 26-Ton Horizontal and Horizontal Vertical - These units have the same design as our 20-22 ton units, but are provided with larger engines and faster hydraulic pumps.  The standard cycle time of a log splitter is around 12-14 seconds which is the travel time of the cylinder to fully extend and fully retract.   We also have fast cycle splitters that cycle less then 10 seconds.

30 & 34 - Ton Horizontal and Horizontal Vertical - These units are our largest units.  They are built with power to split anything.  With the larger cylinders to create the power, unfortunately the speed of the cylinder is slowed down.   The normal cycle time would be around 15 seconds unless you go with a fast cycle unit then you would be around 10 seconds but you will lose a bit off splitting force (tonnage).  We can add many different options to our commercial units including 4 way wedges and log cradles.

If you need any advice or recommendations please feel free to give us a call.  We are here to help!

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